Managed IT

Managed Services

M1 Assist, the engine that drives Pointivity’s Managed Services program, automates basic IT tasks, which helps reduce IT-support costs and improve company productivity. To begin the deployment process, Pointivity installs M1 Assist on each server, desktop and network device. The installation does not impact the performance of any of your systems. The technology also allows your internal IT staff or Pointivity system engineers to correct IT issues before they lead to serious business problems.

Our Managed Services program helps you Manage IT Smarter™ by providing these primary business benefits:

Automates Day-To-Day IT Tasks

Improve productivity and lower service costs by automating routine tasks such as anti-virus, spyware and patch updates. 

Remote Application running on local computer

Provides Access To Remote IT Support

Leverage Pointivity's 24x7 help desk and certified engineers to remotely fix PC, server and other network device problems. Via tiered service level agreements, support is tailored to meet your needs and help free your staff to focus on strategic initiatives. 

App Inspection and Monitoring

Generates Real-Time IT Monitoring Reports

Monitor and track availability, performance, disk space, event logs, asset tracking, audit reports, compliance reports and other critical business reports that keep you up-to-date on how all systems are performing.

Professional Services

Leverage Pointivity's hands on experience and technical expertise to provide your company the most cost effective IT solutions. 

Server Cluster

Advanced Design & IT Architecture

Pointivity system engineers are experts in high availability, complex and scalable IT infrastructure solutions either onsite or in a hosted environment. Pointivity can readily analyze your existing IT environment, eCommerce or business applications and provide the most secure and cost efficient solutions. 


Network / Wide Area Network (WAN)

For years Pointivity has been a leader in supporting companies with their high availability network and WAN infrastructure including voice and data, wireless solutions, high bandwidth requirements and point to point solutions. 

Comprehensive IT Support

Pointivity customizes Service Level Agreements to integrate with your existing IT department processes. We also offer an integrated help-desk ticketing system that alerts users based on the severity of the problem. Alerts are delivered to almost any device by email, text message and pager – or viewed online via our help-desk ticketing system. Custom workflows are managed and reported on by the incident, by time-of-day or other parameters to make sure your servers, PCs and devices are always operational.