Migrate your IT burden to Pointivity® beginning with Office 365

With 15 years experience, Pointivity ® is one of the original end-to-end service providers for public, private and hybrid cloud solutions. We can onboard your entire organization of any size with the secure, enterprise-class Office 365 and create a scalable, cloud-based IT program.

Simplify your IT

Simplify your IT

Easy-to-use single platform and centralized tools allow you to quickly manage users and licensing. Maintenance and security updates are automatic.

Control your plans

Mix & Match Plans

Pay for what you need. Flexible plans mean you can add or reduce users as your staffing needs change.

Work Mobile

Work from anywhere

Access to your email, calendar, files and Office applications from any device—anywhere!

Always up to date

Always-up-to-date applications

Your users can work seamlessly with all Office 365 applications on their device.

Reduce Capital Expenditure

Reduce capital expenditure

It’s a simple monthly subscription. There’s no need for new software or servers and you get move the cost of IT from capital to operating expense.

Email and Cloud Hosting

Business-class email & shared calendars

Access all of your corporate and personal email, contacts, and shared calendars in one unified Outlook inbox.

Painlessly extend your existing environment to Office 365 with our proprietary hybrid gateway for an integrated end-user experience

• Free migration for qualifying companies, from one of the most experienced cloud solution providers.
• Start a no-risk 30-day trial so we can show you how to simplify the way you do business—daily.
• Contact us 24/7/365 for subject matter expert tech support.

Offer expires March 31st 2016

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